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Published | James Czerniawski


31st January 2021


Ditching Section 230 Would Make Free Speech Worse for Wear

10th December 2020


Biden’s FCC Should Take Some Cues from the Last Administration

12th November 2020

Orange County Register

To tackle bias, conservatives should leave Big Tech platforms

2nd November 2020

FEE Online

The Glaring Flaw Plaguing the Department of Justice’s Lawsuit Against Google

28th October 2020


FCC Proposes to Empower States to Meet Connectivty Needs of Residents

24th October 2020

Washington Examiner

Twitter hid the Hunter Biden Story. That’s not a good reason to nuke Section 230

11th October 2020


‘Sandbox’ Everything

8th October 2020

The Washington Times

If U.S. nationalizes 5G, we will lose the race to China

24th September 2020

The Washington Times

Google Senate hearing proves politicians do not understand how tech markets work

19th August 2020

Deseret News

Regulatory Relief Key for Utah’s Recovery from COVID-19

13th August 2020

Salt Lake Tribune

Utah Should Embrace the Innovation that Springs from Economic Disruption

4th May 2020

Salt Lake Tribune

COVID-19 shows that drone reform is needed in Utah

22nd April 2020

Utah Fights COVID-19 with New Opt-in App

20th April 2020

Innovating in the Insurance Industry

10th April 2020

Big Brother Comes to Utah over COVID-19

27th March 2020

Governor Herbert Signs Market-Friendly Executive Order

25th March 2020

New Occupational Licensing Reforms Come to Utah

21st March 2020

Deseret News

Coronavirus price gouging shouldn’t be criminal

10th January 2020

Salt Lake Tribune

Let’s protect the right to keep your phone locked

23rd December 2019

Deseret News

How Utah can welcome better innovation

6th December 2019

Morning Consult

Yang’s Tech Policy Has Unseen Costs to the American Consumer

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